Fixed Income Securities

Explore fixed income markets with a dynamic and comprehensive solution that gives you the insight of a local for emerging markets.

Our fixed income solution has full coverage of local markets and incorporates securities starting from the pre-issue stage.

Your daily workflow will run more effieciently with our domestic and global pricing functions offered in a flexible excel add-in module. The excel add-in functionality also enables you to customize excel templates according to your data and analysis needs.

  1. All data and analysis funtionalities you need for Fixed Income Instruments

    • Issuance and Redemption data
    • Definitional data for outstanding and matured securities
    • League Table for Deal Managers
    • Holdings data of mutual and pension funds
    • Relative Value Analysis (Spread, Inflation Breakeven, Inflation Risk Premium, Return Analysis etc)
    • Fair Value Analysis
    • Pricing Functionality
    • Valuation based on IRR
    • Pricing functionality in line with Mutual Funds Pricing Guidelines
    • Duration, Convexity and PVBP
    • Yield Curves
  2. Vizyonumuz
  3. Vizyonumuz
  4. Don’t miss Issue and Issuer Activities!

    • Information on an issuer’s upcoming issuance activity
    • Information on an issuer’s outstanding securities, primary and secondary market activities
    • Information on an issuer’s matured securities, primary and secondary market activities
    • Data on the issuer’s repayment activity
    • Information on defaulted issues and issuers
  1. Who Benefits?
    • Portfolio Managers
    • Treasury Departments
    • Traders
    • Corporate Finance Departments
    • Research Departments
    • Fund Operations
    • Institutional Investors
    • Middle Office Teams
  2. Covers Various Fixed Income Security Structures
    • Treasury Securities
    • Corporate Bonds
    • Commercial Papers
    • Lease Certificates
    • Asset Backed Securities
    • Mortgage-Backed Securities
    • Structured Notes
    • Eurobonds

With its latest platform our Fixed Income Solution is even more dynamic and offers an expanded data coverage! Rasyonet and Odifin have been collaborating for all Fixed Income solutions.