Automated Reporting and Dissemination

Let's automatically create and distribute your reports & bulletins for internal and marketing purposes.

We know that financial institutions create a huge amount of reports and bulletins daily or periodically; and it takes a considerable amount of time and human effort to customize and perfectonize them each time.

No worries! We got you covered!
  1. Fast, accurate and trusted solution

    • Rasyonet data quality
    • Unrivalled global and local data coverage
    • No expertise required to use
    • Full automation
    • Low cost
  2. Vizyonumuz
  3. Vizyonumuz
  4. Differentiate your company amongst the rivals

    • Create report & bulletin templates by using unrivalled Rasyonet data coverage -without the need to search financial data on any another source.
    • Easily amend and customize report templates.
    • Set-up smart control mechanisms, generate automatic reports incorporated by your company identity, comments and images.
    • Create up-to-date report and bulletin templates by running them with a single click, or they can be created when a link is clicked on your website or mobile application.
    • Copy auto-generated reports to in-house folders to share with your team internally.
    • Distribute your reports to your recipients’ list with integrated email-delivery applications.
    • Crate an approval process for changes in the templates or distribution list.
    • In addition to certain dissemination frequency, it is also possible to setup emailing on a specific occasion, for example: When the financial statement of a company is announced).