About Us

Located in the Istanbul Technical University ARI Teknopark, we continuously develop new solutions for local and international markets.

For more than two decades, we have been providing financial analysis software solutions to investment professionals in brokerage houses, banks, fund and asset management companies. We are proud to be a pioneer in combining value-added-research with state-of-the-art technology and accurate financial data.
  • Objectives

    1. Achieve 100% customer satisfaction
    2. Keep employee satisfaction and wellbeing high
    3. Acquire new users globally
    4. Contribute to raising the level of financial literacy throughout the society
  • Core Company Values

    Rasyonet is aligned around a guiding philosophy to serve our team, our customers and the broader community. Our core values are the principles of how we work with each other and with clients.

    Special Thanks To Our Partners

    Thanks to the lasting relationships we have built over the years, our team is much bigger and stronger with our business partners. EquityRT Platform is on the market through our partners in the United States, South Africa, India, Switzerland and Poland. We have been working with Odifin and creating incredible solutions for the local market.

    Odifin Stratejik Dan─▒┼čmanl─▒k Hizmetleri A.┼×.

    Founded in 2013, Odifin offers software solutions to capital markets professionals in areas such as portfolio management, risk, fixed income securities and return analysis. The software solutions are designed to provide reliable data, comprehensive analysis and effective risk assessments while making critical investment decisions.


Management Team

We asked to our team: How is it like to be a part of Rasyonet Team?

A start-up founded in 2000 by two young engineers is now a global solution provider.

  • 2022
    EquityRT new features Model Portfolio, Strategy Builder & Backtesting
  • 2021
    EquityRT new packages for the US market
  • 2020
    Celebrating our 20. Birthday!
  • 2019
    PortfolioBase Integrated Portfolio Management System launched
  • 2018
    EquityRT is now on the Cloud with Global Macro Coverage
  • 2017
    Extended to Global Coverage with EquityRT Platform
  • 2014
    Launch of the Risk Management Platform
  • 2013
    Addition of Turkish banking sector details to the coverage
  • 2011
    First Software Export and Distributor Agreements
  • 2010
    Launch of the PRP - Funds Analysis Platform
  • 2008
    Launch of the StockGround Financial Analysis Platform
  • 2005
    Relocation into the ITU ARI Technopark
  • 2003
    Addition of Turkish funds and bonds to the coverage
  • 2000
    Company foundation and first customers of the stock analysis software