An integrated solution offering convenient reporting tools for Risk, Compliance and Performance Management 

You can use RiskGround to track your portfolio, manage risk analysis and compliance processes on a single platform and prepare effective performance presentations.

Investment Brokerage

Risk analysis according to the enterprise risk and capital adequacy regulations, and warning mechanisms regarding the limitations

Asset Management

Risk analysis within the scope of legal limitations, preparation of automated reports; and control of compliance limits


Portfolio valuation controls, custody account controls, and control of compatibility with legal porfolio limits and risk regulations


In addition to the risk reporting in accordance with local regulations, RiskGround offers customized reporting features, provides risk analysis and limit  controls; and through automated processes reduces operational risks.

Risk Management in Asset Management

Value At Risk (VAR) Relative VAR Leverage Liquidity Counterparty Risk Concentration Risk Stress Test - Scenario Analysis

Risk Management in Investment Brokerage

Value At Risk (VAR) Margin Call Credit Risk Counterparty Risk Capital Adequacy Stress Test - Scenario Analysis


Support regulatory compliance controls through automated processes, and develop early warning mechanisms for legal and internal limits

Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines

Compliance with portfolio limitations that are announced by the Capital Markets Board in Communiqué On Principles Of Mutual Funds and Communiqué On Principles Regarding the Establishment and Operation of Pension Funds

Compliance with Fund Restrictions

Compliance with asset allocation and risk measurements limits as specified in fund prospectuses 

Compliance with Internal Restrictions

Control of company-specific limits; and compliance with company and fund based additional risk limits and asset allocation limtiations 

Performance Measurement

Detailed analysis of portfolio return enabling dynamic reporting opportunities of return breakdown and effective presentation of asset manager performance


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